Joining Manx Artists

Are you a Manx Artist?

If so, then perhaps you would like to show your work to a broad international audience. Our online showcase is visible to anyone in the world with an internet connection 24/7. Through our site you can connect to other artists, prospective customers and critics worldwide. You can tell them to visit your portfolio online by just giving them a link like

Would You Like To Sell Your Work?

ManxArtists online is first and foremost a showcase for the work of Local Manx Artists. However, some artists like to sell their work, either the originals or prints and other items. Now, you can use the power of to sell your work for you on a simple commission basis. For every work of art that you put on the site, you can have an option to make it available for sale.

We can advise you on frame options and postage and packing methods, as well as giving you full access to our statistical analysis of visitors and buying habits. we act as an intermediary on your behalf, allowing you to sell with confidence to a customer who you know will be paying up-front for your work.


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